Meet Claire Higgins, RMT

Claire is a graduate of the class of 1995 from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. Since graduating, she has worked in Vancouver, Courtenay, and primarily, in Victoria. Claire owned a successful practice in Victoria with a partner, but in 2006, moved down to the Turks and Caicos in the British West Indies to fulfill a lifelong dream of working in the Caribbean. After four years of life in the Caribbean, she decided to return from island life, and has moved back to Victoria, and joined Gordon Head Massage Therapy on a full time basis.

Claire draws on both personal and professional experience to provide focal, deep tissue treatments, customized to each individual’s needs and expectations. Her many years of practical experience give her a strong base from which to problem solve the puzzle that each patient presents.

As a Reiki Master, Claire also adds an intuitive healing component to each of her treatments.

Claire has also been a Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist since 2003, with training in the Vodder Method of MLD®/CDT. Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle massage technique which helps drain excess fluid from the body by guiding the fluid (lymph) to an area where it can then be integrated into the body’s natural drainage system, the lymphatic system. MLD/CDT is most often used to deal with the after effects of cancer and/or surgery, where the patient is suffering from acute or chronic fluid buildup. It is also very successful in treating burns, edema, acne, bruising and acute swelling due to injury.

With Claire’s wide range of skills and experience, she is able to offer a unique perspective to each client on their road to health and wellness.

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What Our Patients Have Said About Claire

Listened Carefully and Asked Thoughtful Questions

I booked with Claire Higgins.

I think she is amazing. I had been to see her some years ago for some back issues. She listened carefully asked thoughtful questions. Gave me exercise and stretching suggestions for home .

Very professional even if I might have been a bit off color. :-)

I love her style. I've come back recently and she has graciously seen to my shoulder issue while still on maternity leave.

Like I said, amazing.

Thanks Claire

Bill M.

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