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Tru has been in practice since 2001 and has extensive experience working in a variety of settings. Tru's super power is quickly locating the source of pain and selecting treatment techniques that will deliver the greatest results with the least amount of pain and trauma to the tissue. Tru has a very results-based approach: his clients both feel and see dramatic improvement by the end of the session, which is achieved by a combination of his own expertise, plus listening to every client and continuously checking in to make sure the treatment is focusing on the right areas with the right approach and the right pressure. Clients have recommended him both because "he doesn't go too deep," and also because "he can go really deep!"—the key is that the treatment should always feel “appropriate”—whether that means fingertip pressure or full-on elbows or anything in between. Tru also works with other complimentary therapists to develop a treatment plan (his last position was at a physiotherapy clinic, and a chiropractic clinic before that), so if you are also receiving treatment from a chiropractor or physiotherapist, etc., let him know so he can better customize your treatment. In 2013, Tru was voted #2 RMT in the Georgia Straight's Best of Vancouver Awards.

When not at Gordon Head, Tru offers mobile massage therapy for seniors and the disabled. Other past experience includes working extensively with pregnant and postpartum women, teaching dads labour support massage and teaching couples infant massage. He still enjoys working with these clients, though it is a smaller part of his practice now. Tru has also volunteered with the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture, using massage to help survivors heal both physically and emotionally.

Tru grew up in Vancouver and moved to Victoria with his family in January 2014 for the calmer pace, friendlier people and, hey, a little less rain doesn't hurt either! Tru enjoys the outdoors and tries to experience it with his family as much as possible.

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What Our Patients Have Said About Tru

Very Friendly and a Good Listener

I have been receiving treatments with Tru Hartwood for facet joint arthropathy in my neck. He has been very friendly and a good listener. The ischemic compression treatments have been helpful in reducing my neck pain and stiffness, and it has helped me psychologically to know that I'm doing something proactive to improve my condition. The clinic atmosphere is casual and low-key, yet professional, and I would recommend it and Tru to anyone considering massage therapy.

Sandi W.

Great for Tight Muscles and Soreness

I have been coming to Gordon Head Massage Therapy for almost a year now. Tru Hartwood has been great in helping me deal with tight muscles and associated soreness. Would highly recommend this practice.

Allie K.

Thorough and Professional

I have received four massages from Tru Hartwood so far and have really appreciated his thorough and professional, yet friendly, manner. I will be back!

Brett C.

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