Meet Nathan Garrison, RMT

Nathan graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005 and is the owner of Gordon Head Massage Therapy. His 10+ years of massage experience include working with Canada’s Olympic Track and Field team.

Nathan is a calm, dedicated and responsive massage therapist, focused on treating and relieving pain and restoring function. He has honed a gentle, deep tissue technique that is especially effective at targeting deeper layers of tension with minimal discomfort.

"I believe we each receive the challenges in life that allow us to grow and evolve. Sometimes, however, we need help in overcoming these obstacles. We can carry the disharmony of mental stress and physical trauma of these challenges deep within our bodies as muscles tension. The deeper work needed to release this tension does not have to be painful. Every treatment I do is unique and sensitive to you and the challenges you face. I know that massage therapy can be a profound and extraordinarily regenerative experience, one that can bring the body and mind back into balance."

- Nathan Garrison

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What Our Patients Have Said About Nathan

Best I have Ever Worked With

Nathan is great! He is the best massage therapist I've ever had work on me and I recommend him to my friends and family. He is very professional and does a great job. The session always ends with me wishing it was longer.

Michelle T.

Great Staff and Relaxing Environment

Nathan is professional and friendly and I feel so much better after a visit! He always explains why he does something and he gives me exercises to do at home for prevention! I would recommend Gordon Head massage to anyone!!

Sarah G.

Master at Deep Tissue

I have been going to see Nathan Garrison at Gordon Head Massage for years. He is the master at deep tissue. He has helped me so much with managing stress in my body while going through some tough times. He is very aware of my active lifestyle and keeps me ready for weightlifting. He's got strong hands but a gentle manner. Cannot give him enough praise. Go see him now!!!

Aran W.

Helped Manage Chronic Shoulder Pain

I have been receiving massage therapy at Gordon Head Massage for 18 months. Nathan is responsive and his technique has helped to relieve and better manage chronic shoulder pain that has plagued me for 10 years.

Tonya D.

Best I Have Found

I am constantly referring friends to Gordon Head Massage. With my job, I'm at high risk for repetitive strain injury so I get massages regularly (~1/week). Nathan has been by far the best massage therapist I have ever been able to find! I moved to Kamloops about two years ago and I haven't been able to find anyone comparable. There hasn't been any therapist that can read my muscles and have such effectiveness with their treatments as Nathan. He has an insane talent! The clinic is clean, calm and very inviting. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming.

Jen B.

Professional Massage Therapist

Nathan Garrison is an exceptional, professional massage therapist who is committed to resolving severe chronic pain issues from physical injury. He has made the difference in my life. A history of sport- and work-related injuries turned my life from participatory, active and enjoyable to one of physical immobility with unrelenting neck and shoulder pain and intense, unstoppable headaches.

When I first started seeing Nathan, I had almost given up hope of ever hiking or taking walks again, as simple garden strolls could cause muscle spasms resulting in fierce headaches lasting for days. My life went from happy independence to daily pain-filled misery, sometimes even wondering if I could get out of bed.

Weekly massage therapy visits with Nathan inched me back toward hope, laughter and wellbeing. Because of the chronic nature and history of the injuries, it took a while to recover, but this summer I backpacked the Rockies and now have resumed a weekly fitness schedule.

In the course of my recovery, Nathan has been a true massage therapist/health practitioner, answering questions, explaining anatomy, teaching appropriate exercises and, in the end, being a profound part of the reason of why I can fully participate in an energetic lifestyle once again. I’ve already recommended him to others who are locked in the pain cycle with physical ailments that don’t improve. And yes, he’s making a difference to them as well.

Jean T.

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